Will work continue from home after the end of the Corona crisis?

Work from home
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Written by Alan Ficher

Millions of companies around the world have found no better way to work remotely from home than to maintain their future and the productivity of their employees under the forced closures imposed by the spread of the Corona pandemic.

While direct contact between employees and customers is no longer required or possible to avoid possible infection with the deadly virus, private corporate internal programs, social media, applications, emails, and other technologies have played this role to the fullest.

But the question that arises today: Will the harsh experience with which workers and companies have adapted over the past few weeks and months continue until after the end of the Corona crisis?

Rajab Hamid, associate director of the Kuwait Alloy Group for Precious Metals Trading, responds by stressing that his company has already started the journey of complete transformation towards remote work, explaining that this concept will not be limited to the current crisis linked exclusively to Corona.

He pointed out – in a special statement to AlJazeeraNet that all the sales of his company during the last period took place through its various platforms on the communication sites away from any of the four major stores it owns in separate parts of the country.

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