The phone destroyer is testing the new iPhone SE, so did he pass the test?

iPhone SE

Zach Nelson who is known to be the most loved person who destroys modern phones on his JerryRigEverything channel on YouTube was able to test the modern Apple iPhone SE 2020.

Nelson is known on his channel for the “Durability Test”, a test that is divided into several sections, including scratch, burn and bending resistance, to ensure the durability of the phone.

The new phone tested by Nelson is the latest and cheapest version of Apple, as its price starts from $ 399. With this acceptable price. Nelson found the new phone surprisingly durable, because it survived scratching, flame and bending tests, and managed to maintain the integrity of its chassis.

Nelson begins testing with a sharp blade at several levels, according to the friction force. The glass usually tends to scratch at the fifth level and beyond, and in the new Apple device begins to notice scratches at the sixth level, and with deeper grooves at the seventh level, which is a good thing. The iPhone SE body is made entirely of aluminum, including buttons.

Nelson then tries to make some scratches on the viewfinder, as scratches begin to appear at the sixth level, while the acceptable level for this test is the ninth.

He then goes on to the flame test, where he exposes the phone screen to flame from a lighter for 16 seconds until a black stain appears, but the affected area returns to life after a short time.

Finally, in the bending test, Nelson tries to bend the phone with his hands, but even after multiple attempts, we see that the iPhone SE 2020 maintains its structure very well, with some slight bending. Even after all this, the phone works at full capacity, and the aluminum frame does not move away from the chassis despite the great pressure.

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