PlayStation 5: here are the main games unveiled by Sony

Playstation 5 Games

At a conference broadcast on Thursday June 11 on the internet, Sony presented no less than twenty games that will be available on its next console, the PlayStation 5. Here are the biggest announcements. 

Sony unveiled Thursday evening during a conference broadcast live on the internet the design of the PlayStation 5 , as well as twenty games that will be available on the console. As a reminder, the PlayStation 5 will be released for the holiday season 2020, despite the coronavirus epidemic. Its price remains unknown at the moment.

 A new Spider-Man

The first game released Thursday evening was Spider-Man: Miles Morales , developed by Insomniac Games. As the name of the game indicates, the hero will be Miles Morales, who appeared for the first time in 2011 in the comic book, and not Peter Parker. Its release is scheduled for the end of the year and should match that of the PlayStation 5. 

Sony also presented Horizon Forbidden West , the sequel to Horizon Zero Down , produced by the Dutch from Guerrilla Games. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world invaded by robotic creatures where humanity has lost control of technology. The heroine will always be Aloy, an orphan who has become a machine hunter.

A franchise dating from 2002 will also be revived. Ratchet & Clank , also developed by Insomniac Games, returns with a title called Rift Apart . 

The first images of NBA 2K21

Sony has also released images of games to be released by Sony Interactive Entertainment, such as the racing game  Gran Turismo 7 . No release date is currently known.

The manufacturer has also lifted the veil on NBA 2K21, whose first trailer was revealed Thursday evening. NBA 2K games generally come out in the fall, but it’s unclear whether the new episode will be available only on the new PlayStation, or whether it will be possible to play it on the PS4. 

A Resident Evil for 2021

Another big announcement, the release in 2021 on the PS5 of Resident Evil 8 , which bears the name of Village . Little information has been released on the game but Capcom, the developer and publisher of the series, should say more in August.

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