Is there a watch that monitors blood sugar?

watch blood sugar

Glucose monitoring on a smartwatch has been teased for years, but always falls short of being able to actually work.

Can Apple watch Series 5 measure blood sugar?

Diabetes is an even bigger problem for Americans: 100 million of us have diabetes or pre-diabetes. People with diabetes who are also Apple fans may have tried the One Drop system.

Dexcom – a company that produces portable glucose monitors – has revealed that its G6 glucose tracker will soon be able to send glucose monitoring data directly to your Apple Watch. It’s a huge boost for Apple Watch users with diabetes.

Mobile health and wellness features have probably become the most compelling reason to buy an Apple Watch. Rather than the early focus on making it a fashion item, newer Apple Watch innovations have focused on things like ECG readings.

We wouldn’t expect a dedicated glucose monitor to appear on the Apple Watch 5, but it’s something that may be possible on a future version of the watch.

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