How does isolation live with your roommates or children at home?

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Written by Alan Ficher

With millions of people around the world having to stay in their homes to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus, what is the best way to manage your life while you are sitting in your house for several days straight?

A report by the British newspaper The Guardian indicates that social separation now is the key to mitigating the spread of the virus.

This raises the question: How can we manage the unusual social conditions that we are in? From this question, other questions arise, such as: What if I remained stuck with my roommates?

If you are only stuck in your home with your children, the advice is that if you practice social divergence with them then it is time to reset a new system of government at home, for example, preparing a list of homework for bored children. The Internet is full of many “podcasts” suitable for children, tours in museums, educational videos, and it is also advisable to spend quality time with them.

And if you are alone at home, the Internet is also full of ideas that help you get distracted, so that you do not become depressed or frustrated with the length of sitting at home, and you can also occupy your time with a craft you like or by cleaning.

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