Facebook launches Rooms for video calls and pulls the rug from Zoom

Facebook Rooms

Facebook announced Friday the launch of its new video call application Rooms which is part of the “Facebook Messenger” service and allows users to host video calls with the participation of up to 50 people, benefiting from the increased demand for video calls during the Corona virus pandemic.

The Rooms application constitutes a threat to the Zoom application, which sparked a lot of controversy in the past period because of its increased use significantly as a result of the procedures for isolation due to the Corona pandemic, and due to security problems and the violation of privacy and piracy that the application was subjected to several times.

Rooms is a free Messenger service and will allow users to create group video calls with up to 50 participants, while Messenger video calls are limited to 8 people only.

There is no specific time for video calls in Rooms and the app will also include features like augmented reality filters that allow people to add masks to their faces. Chamber hosts will also be able to lock calls and remove users.

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