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4 good reasons to eat vegan

vegan diet

The ethical or ecological motivations of vegans are often at the origin of this lifestyle. But what is the nutritional impact of this exclusively vegan diet?

What exactly is a vegan?

There are two main diets which favor a diet of plant origin: the vegan diet which excludes any animal product, the vegetarian diet (without meat or fish but with animal products such as cheese).
Veganism is a mode of consumption that refuses exploitation or suffering towards animals. This applies to food, but also to clothing: no question for a vegan to wear fur or leather for example.

The vegan diet is effective in losing weight

According to a study by the University of South Carolina, published in the International Journal of Applied and Basic Nutritional Sciences, you would lose weight more easily by eliminating all animal products (meat, eggs, fish and dairy products) from your diet.

Interesting to prevent diabetes

Products such as meat, cereals and salt acidify our body. Fruits and vegetables, the basic foods that form the basis of the vegan diet, restore the acid-base balance. According to a recent study this diet would prevent type 2 diabetes.

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