12 Habits of happy moms

Written by Alan Ficher

1- Understand your value as a mother

Values are the root of our security, our emotional thermostat. They establish our inner core for decision making, prioritizing, and acting on issues of importance in our lives.

2- Maintain key friendships

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. A good friendship is indeed something to savor and protect.

3- Value and practice faith

Faith permeates our world, providing a moral and ethical compass for the vast majority of people.

4- Say no to competition

Focus on yourself instead of your competitors. And say no to competition.

5- Create a healthier relationship with money

Be a best friend to your financial self, too. Don’t be overly critical if you stumble, but be honest with yourself. Spend time to understand your financial condition and set goals to improve your situation.

6- Make time for solitude

The idea of being in solitude, of having quiet in our lives and time for contemplation, might seem nice to many of us.

7- Give and get love in healthier ways

Here are some ways to express your love:

  • Offer the gift of listening. Focus on others and hear what they’re really saying.
  • Say please and thank you. 
  • Tell your loved ones how much you love and appreciate them. A little love goes a long way.
  • Offer to help someone in need.
  • Write a letter or send a card to someone you love and mail it.
  • Write your loved ones a poem of gratitude.
  • Practice the art of forgiveness.

8- Find ways to live simply

A simple life is not filled with complications and distractions, it is a life that is lived focused on things that matter to the person. It can also have varying extremes. For some, it’s as simple as cutting their cable bills and getting rid of the ​TV, while others can go as far as living “off the grid.”

9- Let go of fear

You need to analyze your worries and find the way of your unhappiness. This isn’t easy to do it. It can be quite scary actually. Many prefer to just ignore their fears because they don’t want to look deeper into them. But in order to become emotionally stronger, we need to address the problem, not hide from it.

10- Make the decision to have hope.

11- Focusing on the positive.

When you harness the power of positivity, it’s amazing the impact it has on your life. It can decrease stress and make every moment worth experiencing.

12- Making time for yourself.

Prioritizing time to do the things for yourself will not only make you happy and keep you sane, but it will probably also make you more efficient when tackling the less fun aspects of your schedule and to-do lists.

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